Upper Dolpa Trek - 25 days


    ● Adventurous trail.

    ● See superb scenery throughout the trail.

    ● Explore beautiful villages.

    ● Explore stunning Shey Phoksundo Lake.

    ● Cross three high passes Nagdalo La, the Shey La, and Jeng La.

    ● Experience rich culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the locals, which is highly influenced by Tibetants. ● Observe BonPo traditions and shamanistic influence.

    ● Visit 800 years old Shey Gompa.

    ● Witness panoramic views of Himalayan mountains like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Crystal Mountain.

Upper Dolpo Trek will unfold numerous mysteries, myths, and beautiful villages in front of you. During the Upper Dolpo Trekking, you will explore the grandeur of Nepal’s rugged and remote far west. Touched with the border of Tibet, Dolpo has so many similarities to them from their culture to language and delicacies. Trekking the mystical land of Dolpo will present you centuries-old monasteries, BonPo traditions, and shamanistic influence. Yes, the Dolpo region trekking is all about those thrilling witchy stories.

We, Peak Explorer have designed our Upper Dolpo Trek itinerary including Shey Phoksundo Lake. It is the most gorgeous lake in Nepal. You will be trekking through Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest national park in Nepal. The surreal beauty of this lake will add more satisfaction to the journey. As you will pass by villages, you will get to see the daily lifestyle of the locals. People here are very kind and big-hearted. We assure you that Upper Dolpo Trek with us will add an unforgettable impression on you.

You will explore the 800 years old Shey Gompa, the spiritual heart of Upper Dolpo. Located at the base of Crystal Mountain, this gompa holds huge importance and is a pilgrimage site. The three high passes will add more adventure to this trek. The trail is less to no crowded. Only a handful of people visit this region every year.

Upper Dolpo is a restricted area, and you need to get special permission from the government of Nepal to trek in the Dolpo region. The permit is also expensive and will cost you USD 500 for the first 10 days and USD 50 for each additional day. This helps to control the flow of tourists in the Dolpo region and protect it.

Himalayan Penchant

Upper Dolpo Trek is one of the best ways to escape from your daily hectic life into the land known to only a few people. From rich culture to stunning scenery, you will have the most memorable times of your life here. The silence in its air will allow you to spend more time with you and look into your life. You will get to see snow-capped Himalayan mountains like Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), Crystal Mountain, etc. Plus, you will be crossing high passes like Nagdalo La (5,350 m), the Shey La (5,010 m), and Jeng La (5,220 m).

Upper Dolpo Trek landmark

Upper Dolpo Trek will present culturally rich villages and beautiful landscapes. The trek will take you to the beautiful Phoksundo Lake, the jewel of the region. Here, you will get to see the stunning scenery. Further, you will spend the night in several villages like Sladang, Namgung, Dho Tarap, Chagaon, etc. Likewise, you will explore ancient Shey Gompa, where you will get to see hundreds of years old manuscripts, paintings, and sculptures.

Culture & Ethnic Diversity

The people residing here are known as the descendants of Tibetans. The region is highly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. The lifestyle, culture, language, dress, and tradition are similar to the Tibetans. Most of the people follow BonPo religion. You will get to see the most bizarre type of practices here that will blow your mind.

Natural Aptitude

Dolpo region boasts more like grey mountains, shrubs, meadows, and grasslands. From 3,800 to 4,180 meters, you will see several agricultural fields where barley, buckwheat, millet, potatoes, radishes, mustard, wheat, and spinach can be grown. Dolpo is divided into four valleys. Each valley represents unique characteristics. The four valleys are Tsharka - good growing-place, Tarap - auspicious excellent, Panzang - the abode of monks and Nangkhong - innermost place. Likewise, you might get to see a snow leopard.

Upper Dolpo Trek difficulty

Upper Dolpo Trek is a difficult trek. There are many steep ascends and descends. You have to walk for 6 or more hours per day. Moreover, the isolation of the region makes it even harder because you can not stop in the middle of two destinations as there will be no option to spend the night unless you are camping. The terrain is different from other parts of Nepal and is challenging.

Altitude Sickness and Prevention

There are chances of getting high altitude sickness during Upper Dolpo Trek. During the trek, you will reach above 5,000 meters, which definitely is a high altitude. Including enough rest days in between the trek and drinking plenty of water can help avoid altitude sickness.

Transportation and Bag Pack

Upper Dolpo Trek 25 Days starts with back to back flight to Nepalgunj and Jhupal. From here, you will move towards Upper Dolpo passing by stunning Phoksundo Lake.

Food and Accommodation during Upper Dolpo Trekking

During the Upper Dolpo Trek 25 Days, you will be staying overnight in either teahouse or camp. Teahouses are not fancy at all. You will get the bare minimum facilities that are enough to spend the night like a bed, blanket, pillows, etc. The washrooms will mostly be in the sharing of the term. Likewise, there are some places where you will be staying overnight in camp.

For food, the first thing you have to know is this place is the most secluded part of Nepal and resources are scarce. Therefore, a variety of food will be limited. In a teahouse, you will get meals as per their menu. While staying in camp, the meals will be prepared by porters.

Best time to go on Upper Dolpo Trek

The best time to visit Upper Dolpo Trek is from April to May and late-September to November. These months have the most stable weather, moderate climate, and clear skies. All of these factors make the journey exciting and more joyful.

Upper Dolpo Trek cost

Upper Dolpo Trek cost includes your food, accommodation, and expenses of guide & porters during the trek along with all ground transportation as per the itinerary and permits. There are also a few things that are not included in the package cost like travel insurance, airfare, tips, and personal expenses. The cost can range from one travel agency to another, however, with us, Peak Explorer, you will get the most genuine Upper Dolpo package cost and best service.


● Carry extra cash as there will be no ATMs on the trail or villages.

● Make sure to take out insurance.

● Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

● Get a good map.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu via respective airlines

Arrive at the airport, where one of our team members will welcome you. He will take you to the hotel. In the evening, you will have a welcome dinner organized by the company and end your day exploring the bustling streets of Thamel.

Day 02: Fly to Nepalgunj and transfer to respective hotels

You will fly to Nepalgunj today. Located in the western part of Nepal, Nepalgunj is a town near the Nepal India border. Upon reaching there, you will move to the hotel and rest for the day. In the evening, you can explore the local market and visit the mini zoo.

Day 03: Fly to Jhupal (2,475 m) then drive to Dunai (2,140 m); 2 hrs

Today's flight will take you to Jhupal, a beautiful town located on the foothills of Himalayas. From Jhupal, you can see spectacular views of Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri in the north. From here, you will drive to Dunai, the administrative headquarters of the Dolpo region.

Day 04: Trek to Chhepka (2,838 m); 6 hrs

Leaving Dunai behind, you will descend through farms and reach the Bheri river. Crossing a large suspension bridge, you will reach the entrance of Shey Phoksundo National Park, where you will enter your permit. From here, you will trek following Suli Khola and pass through small villages. The trail then goes by the lush forest of juniper, fir, spruce, bamboo, and Cyprus to take you to Chhepka.

Day 05: Trek to Samdua village (2,960 m); 6 hrs

After having breakfast, you will descend through the lush forest and reach a riverbank. From here, the trail ascends through a dense forest and dropdown. Crossing a small bridge, you will reach Ryajik village. Further, you will walk for a will and reach Samdua.

Day 06: Trek to Phoksundo Lake (3,500 m); 5 hrs

You will trek and Cross Pungmo Khola Valley and several streams. Further, trekking along Pungmo Khola, you will descend through pine and birch trees, and reach the upper side of Phoksundo Khola. From here, you will trek through Ringmo village and reach beautiful Phoksundo Lake.

Day 07: Rest day at Phoksundo Lake for local excursion

It is your rest day to acclimate with the increased altitude. You will go on a short hike to Ringmo village, where you will visit a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. You will get to see the lifestyle of locals and their culture. You will then explore around the lake and spend the rest of the enjoying breathtaking view of the lake.

Day 08: Trek to Phukshundo Khola (3,640 m); 5 hrs

Today, you will follow the trail and walk on a rocky path. The trail will be unsteady and passes by a wood supported passage. You will see the remoteness of the region you are going to be trekking in from today onwards. Further, trekking through a meadow, you will trek through a valley and cross a river to reach Phukshundo Khola.

Day 09: Trek to Phoksundo Bhanjyang; 7 hrs

The trek begins with an easy walk that further passes through the glacial valley. You will reach the confluence of Phoksundo Khola and cross an old wooden bridge. The trail ascends through a meadow and reaches Phoksundo Bhanjyang.

Day 10: Trek to Shey Gompa (4,500 m) via Kang-La (5,360 m); 6 hrs

The trail ascends steeply towards the Kang La Pass. From the top, you will get to see superb landscape views. Further, descending through the steep trail, you will walk along the bank of a river recrossing it several times. Again, you will trek through meadows full of sheep and other animals, and cross a log bridge to reach Shey Gompa.

Day 11: Rest day at Shey Gompa the crystal monastery

Today is a rest day at Shey Gompa. You will visit Shey Gompa, built-in 1655. Here, you will see the huge sculpture of Shakyamuni Buddha. In the east of the gompa, you will see Crystal Mountain as its cliffs are decorated with quartz and numerous variety of marine fossils. You will explore the Shey village and walk around to see the rich Bon Po culture followed by villagers.

Day 12: Trek to Namgung (4,608 m) via Saldang La (5,094 m)

Trekking through juniper trees, you will descend into the stony canyon. The trail follows the zigzag rocky path and leads you to the top of Saldang La Pass. From here, you will descend and reach Namgung, where you will visit the Namgung monastery.

Day 13: Trek to Saldang (3,770 m); 5 hrs

From Namgung village, the trail ascends and moves along barren mountains. You will ascend for a long 3 to 4 hours and reach Saldang village. Saldang is a beautiful village and is the largest one in the inner Dolpa area. You will get to see the lifestyle and culture of the locals here while you stay in the village.

Day 14: Trek to Chagaon (4,910 m); 5 hrs

You will begin trekking following the Nang Chu river. The trail then passes through Sugugaon and Dechen Lapran. Dechen Lapran is a small cattle herder settlement area. From here, the trail will take you to Chagaon.

Day 15: Trek to Rakyo (4,160 m) via Darshamna Dovan; 6 hrs

You will begin trekking on the main route and then southwest towards Rakyo. Following a river, you will pass by farms and reach Darshama Dovan, the village of farmers and cattle herders. From here onwards, the trail goes through pasture land and take you to Rakyo.

Day 16: Trek and Camp at 4,542 m after crossing Jyanta Bhanjyang (5,231 m); 6 hrs

Leaving human settlement behind, you will begin trekking towards a complete isolated area, where you will spend the night in camps. The trail will present you the wonderful sceneries. You will reach Jyanta Bhanjyang (5,231 m) and descend to pasture land for a night stay.

Day 17: Trek to Murjung (4,965 m); 6 hrs

Trekking along a small stream you will pass by yaks & mules. The trail today involves the caravan route which used to be the trade route between Tibet hundreds of years ago. You will soon reach Murjung for a night stay.

Day 18: Trek to Tokyu Gaon (4,200 m) via Jeng La (5,090 m); 6 hrs

The trail steeply ascends to a ridge from where you will see stunning views of the Dhaulagiri range. You will then descend to Tarap valley from where you will walk on easy to reach Tokyu Gaon.

Day 19: Trek to Dho Tarap (4,040 m); 5 hrs

The day begins with a downhill walk through the lush grassy area along a river. On the way, you will see marsh. People in this area follows both Bon Po and Buddhist sects. Shortly, you will reach Dho Tarap, where you will be spending the night.

Day 20: Trek to Ghyamgar (3,759 m); 7 hrs

The trail descends to Tarap valley. The trail then passes by Langa and lovely waterfalls. Trekking through Sisaul and Kesila, you will reach Ghyamgar.

**Day 21: Trek to Tarap Khola (3,652) via Chhyugar (3,440 m); 6 hrs ** After breakfast, you will trek through a narrow gorge. On the way, you will see bushes of juniper and roses. Passing by Toltol, you will see a huge cave hanging over it. You might get to see wildlife like Naur and Blue Sheep. The trail will take you to the confluence of Tarap Chu and Lang Khol.

Day 22: Trek to Tarakot (2,540 m); 6 hrs

Trekking through small villages, you will pass by a wooded area. The trail then moves along a river and takes you to Tarakot. Here, you will visit an ancient fortress and Sandul gompa.

Day 23: Trek to Dunai, 5 hrs then drive to Jhupal; 2 hrs jeep ride

You will cross a river near Lawan village and continue trekking alongside big Bheri River. The trail ascends to Byas Gadi. You will again cross a river and reach Lochakhola Gaon and climb up to Dunai. From here, you will move towards Jhupal for a night stay.

Day 24: From Jhupal morning fly back to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj

Taking an early morning flight, you will return to Nepalgunj and then to Kathmandu. You will move to your hotel and rest for the day. In the evening, you will stroll on the colorful streets of Thamel and end your journey in Nepal with delicious farewell dinner organized by the company.

Day 25: Transfer to International Airport for flight homeward bound

You will get moved to the international airport as per your flight departure time.

What is Include ?

 Airport / Hotel / Airport pick up & drop by private tourist vehicle.

 Standard twin sharing accommodation in a three star hotel in Kathmandu; Breakfast included.

 All your standard Meals during the trek (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - one menu item) with a cup of tea/coffee per day.

 Lodges, Guesthouses accommodation during the trek.

 Licensed English speaking guide.

 The required number of local staff and porters to carry your luggage during the trek (We assign one porter for every two guests).

 Food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipment and medicine for all staff.

 All Necessary permits for trekking (Restricted area permit ,Dolpa Conservation Area Permit, TIMS Permit etc).

 Surface transfer from and to Kathmandu.

 Kathmandu - flight domestic.

 Farewell dinner in typical Nepali Restaurant on second last day.

 Trekking duffel bag.

 Trekking Map.

 All our government taxes, vat, tourist service charges.

 Rescue service arrangement only (covered by your travel insurance).

 Official expenses.

What is Exclude ?

 Air travel to/from Nepal,

 Lunch & dinner in Kathmandu, Pokhara.

 Soft/hard drinks, laundry, postage, telephone bills, all items of personal nature,

 Personal clothing, insurance against accidental, medical and emergency rescue evacuations,

 Respective expenses if one returns earlier from the trip due to sickness or emergency purpose.

 Sightseeing around Kathmandu valley.

 Travel Insurance.

 Emergency helicopter rescue evacuation arrangements will be covered by travel insurance.

● T-shirts and Pants (Innerwear)

● Thermal Wears

● Lightweight woolen jumper/sweater

● Down jacket or down vest

● Fleece or wool trousers

● Breathable Underwears

● Trekking Pants/Shoes/Socks

● Casual Sandals

● Insulating Jacket

● Rain jacket

● Gloves/Scarves

● Sleeping bag

● Trekking Pole

● Toiletries (sunscreen, Multipurpose Soap, Shampoo, Hand sanitizer, Toilet Paper, Sanitary pads, Lip guard, moisturizers, etc)

● Miscellaneous (Binoculars, eye mask, camera, extra batteries, journal, cards, bars, snacks, water purification tablets, etc)

● Documents (passport, visa, travel insurance, voucher, passport-sized photos)

Group Joining Trips

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Group Discount

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Package Review

Trip Duration :


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Max Altitude :


Meals :

Berakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Best Season :

Spring and Autumn

25 days / per person

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