Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek - 25 days


    ● Adventurous trail.

    ● Trek in one of the secluded regions of Nepal.

    ● Less traveled route.

    ● Trek through Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, which is home to numerous wildlife and flora.

    ● Get to see the wonderful landscape through the trail. . ● Spend the night in fine villages, where you will experience rich culture and tradition.

    ● Reach the base of the world's third-highest mountain, Mt. Kanchenjunga.

    ● Observe stunning waterfalls and glaciers on the way.

    ● Witness scenic views of numerous Himalayan mountains like Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Ten Peak, etc.

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is an adventurous journey to one of the isolated regions of Nepal. The trail will extremely beautiful and boasts a huge variety of flora & fauna. Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek 25 Days is a less explored region, where the only handful of travelers travels to every year. This has immensely helped to preserve the raw nature of the region. Not only the trail is beautiful, but it also offers a rich culture and a unique lifestyle of the locals. Kanchenjunga Circuit Trekking will take you to the base of the world's third-highest mountain, Mt. Kanchenjunga. As the region is declared restricted by the government of Nepal, you have to take a special permit to go to Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek. Moreover, you mandatory have to be in a group of two people and hire an experienced guide to get the permit. Even though this trek is less popular than other treks like Everest Base Camp Trek or Annapurna Base Camp Trek, but the experienced it offers if unbelievable.

We, Peak Explorer has designed our Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek itinerary professionally including an adequate number of rest days in between the trek. We assure you that Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek 25 Days will be the most memorable journey of your life. Be a part of this adventurous and thrilling journey with us. We will make sure you enjoy and learn in every part of the trek. We have been running Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek for years now. Contact us for further information.

Himalayan Penchant

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek will present to you the untouched natural heritage of Nepal. From the world's third-highest mountain to the stunning glacier and rich culture, you will find everything during the trek. The gorgeous landscape view will keep you company and motivate you to move further. Likewise, the panoramic views of Himalayan mountains like Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Everest (8,848 m), Mt. Makalu (8,201m), Mt. Lhotse (8,516m), Tent Peak (7,365 m), Jongsong (7,483 m), Kabru (7,353 m), etc. will increase the beauty of the trek.

Kanchenjunga Circuit landmark

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek will take you through Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, the habitat of various flora & fauna. Likewise, South Base Camp and North Base Camps are two of the major landmarks of this trek. You can choose one of them or if you want you can trek to both base camp. The Pangpema View Point (5,388 m) in North Base Camp is more adventurous and rich in vegetation & wildlife than the South Base camp.

Culture & Ethnic Diversity

Trekking in the Kanchenjunga region will allow you to experience diverse cultures and traditions. You will get to see many ethnic groups during your stay in the teahouse/guesthouse. You will get to taste their food and know their language. Brahmins and Chhetris reside in the lower parts, whereas you will meet Limbu and Sherpa at the upperparts.

People here are kind and friendly and can speak understandable English as well. As you move further, you will notice the Tibetan lifestyle and food. On the way, you will come across several stupas and Bihar as well.

Natural Aptitude

The trail will present you variety of landscape and vegetation. Beginning from the low land of Terai, you will pass through coniferous forests, grasslands, and meadows. You will trek in Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, which is a global eco-region according to World Wildlife Fund. This area is home to numerous wildlife like musk deer, red panda, snow leopard, black bear, red pheasant, etc.

As the trail moves up, you will trek through beautiful rhododendron, fir, bamboo, pine, juniper, and hemlock forests. Moreover, this region has 69 species of orchids. The enchanting sounds of birds and wildlife will add zest of wilderness in this adventurous trek.

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek difficulty

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is a difficult trek. The unique terrain and remoteness of the region makes the trekking difficult. As the altitude increases, the difficulty level will also increase. The trail is demanding. You have to walk for around 6 to 7 hours on a daily basis. However, with proper guidance and expertise, you will be able to complete this trek successfully.

Altitude Sickness and Prevention

Altitude sickness becomes a major issue while going on a high altitude journey. Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is also a high altitude trek that will take you above 5,000 meters, which involves chances of altitude sickness. Therefore, it is very important to acclimatize properly between the trek. Also, drinking plenty of water can keep you away from AMS.

Transportation and Bag Pack

The trek begins with a drive from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur and then to Taplejung. From here, you will pass through several beautiful villages and cross different passes.

Food and Accommodation during Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

During Kanchenjunga Circuit Trekking, you will stay in a guesthouse or teahouse. The rooms will be small and cozy. You can find a single bedroom, double bedroom, and a triple bedroom. The facilities will be basic but enough to spend a night.

For food, you can easily find Dal Bhat Tarkari and Thukpa in most of the villages. Some places do offer dishes like momo, macaroni, and pasta. Green vegetables, milk, meat, eggs, tea, etc can be found as well but will cost higher than the usual price.

Best Season to go on Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

Spring (March to May) and Autumn (October to November) is the best time to go on the Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek. The stable weather and clear sky make the journey less difficult and joyful. The temperature is also not too cold or hot.

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek cost

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek cost depends on the services you are using during the trek. You can check our cost includes and excludes to know more in detail about the cost. We assure you that with us, Go For Nepal Treks & Expedition, you will get the comprehensive cost. Contact us for further information.


● Carry extra cash as there will be no ATMs on the trail or villages.

● Make sure to take out insurance.

● Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

● Get a good map.

● Carefully follow the lead of your guide.

● Walk slowly & safely.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1,300m /4,264 ft)

From Kathmandu airport, you will move to the hotel. One of our team members will take you to the hotel. He will inform you about the day program. Later, in the evening, you will meet with your guide and end your day with a delicious welcome dinner organized by the company.

Day 02: Kathmandu: sightseeing and trek preparation

Today, you will go guided sightseeing tour. You will visit different UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath, Boudhnath Stupa, and Kathmandu Durbar Square. After a short tour, you will prepare for the trek along with your guide.

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur (2,420m/7938ft) and drive to Taplejung; 45 min flight & 9 hours drive

Today, you will take an early morning flight to Bhadrapu. From here, you will drive to Taplejung. The drive will be long so bare yourself and don't forget to pack snacks. On the way, you will get to see scenic views.

Day 04: Taplejung to Lalikharka (2,265m/7,431ft); 4/5 hrs trek

From today, you will begin trekking. The first stop is Lalikhaka, a beautiful village. This village is located in Panchthar District in eastern Nepal. The trail will include simultaneous ascent and descent through lush green forests.

Day 05: Lalikharka to Kheswa (2,120m/6,955ft); 5/6 hrs trek

The trail descends to Phundrawa and then steeply ascends to Yangpang. From here, you will continue ascending to Phumphe Danda. Further, you will climb through forests and villages to Khesewa.

Day 06: Kesewa to Mamankhe (1,785m/5,856ft); 5/6 hrs trek

The trail heads to Kabeli Khola and passes through forests. Crossing a small stream, you will walk through small villages and reach Mamankhe. On the way, you will get to see beautiful views of the Himalayan mountains.

Day 07: Mamankhe to Yamphudin (2080m/6824ft); 4/5 hrs

Most parts of the trail ascend along the Kabeli Khola. On the way, you will get to see stunning views of streams, waterfalls, and lush forests. Further, you will cross a small suspension bridge and pass through a settlement area and reach Yamphudin.

Day 08: Yamphudin to Tortong (2,995m/9,826ft); 7/8 hrs

Trekking through terraced farms and green meadows, you will continue trekking. The superb views of Himalayan mountains will accompany you throughout the trail. Further, you will trek along the Amji Khola, and cross Lassuya Bhanjyang and reach Tortong.

Day 09: Tortong to Cheram (3,870m/12,696ft); 2/3 hrs

After breakfast, you will gradually move towards Cherma. The trail will move along Simbuwa Khola, and further, goes through beautiful Lalung Valley. You will get to see a wonderful view of Tuplung Peak on the way. The trail also passes by dense rhododendron forests along with offering a stunning view of Yalung Glacier and take you to Cherma.

Day 10: Cheram: Acclimatization and Rest

Today is a rest day to acclimate your body with the increased altitude. You will go on small hikes and explore the village. if you want, you can also trek to the viewpoint from where you will get to witness superb views of Kabaru Peak and Rathong Peak.

Day 11: Cheram to Ramchaur (Ramche) (4,580m/15,026ft); 3/4 hrs

The trail ascends and leads you to the snout of Yalung Glacier. From here, you will pass through a valley enjoying a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains. Further, passing through small Lapsang, you will reach Ramche.

Day 12: Ramchaur (Ramche) to Yalung Base Camp (4500m) and back to Cheram; 3/4 hrs

The trail moves further up the valley. Following a stream, you will ascend on a moraine top. Soon, you will get to see the south face of Kanchenjunga and Jannu Himal. The trail will take you to the Oktang monastery and ascend to Yalung Base Camp. The view from here is mesmerizing. After spending some time, you will descend to Cherma for a night stay.

Day 13: Cheram to Sele La (4,290m/ 14,074ft); 6/7 hrs

Today, you will cross four passes. The trail will ascend to Sinelapche Bhanjyang and head towards Mirgin La Pass. Further, the trail will move to Sinion La Pass and take you to Sele La Pass.

Day 14: Sele La to Ghunsa (3,595/11,794); 2/3 hrs

Following the trail in the north, you will move towards Tangbgharma Danda. You will come across a chorten decorated with prayer flags. From here, the trail becomes steeper. You will descend through lovely forest birch, pine, and rhododendron forest to reach Ghunsa.

Day 15: Ghunsa to Kambachen (4,050m/13,287ft); 5/6 hrs

Trekking along a riverbank, you will pass through meadows covered with wildflowers. Further, crossing pine and rhododendron forests, you will pass a bridge at Rampuk Kharka. You will then pass by a waterfall and landslide ara. The trail then gets a little tricky and takes you to Kambachen.

Day 16: Kambachen to Lhonak (4,780m/15,682ft); 5/6 hrs

It is going to be a challenging day today. Trekking through the rugged field along a riverbank, you will reach a waterfall. You will then cross a bridge and reach the Ramtang monastery. The trail will take you near the landslide section that you will cross and descend to a river near Lhonak.

Day 17: Kanchenjunga base camp, overnight at Pangpema (5,143/16,873ft); 6/7 hrs

You will ascend along enormous Kanchenjunga Glacier. On the way, you will get to see stunning views of Jannu Himal, Mt. Kanchenjunga, and several other Himalayan mountains. Later, you will get to Pangpema for a night stay.

Day 18: Pangpema to Lhonak; 3/4 hrs

Retracing the same route, you will trek back to Lhonak to spend the night.

Day 19: Lhonak to Ghunsa (3475m/11,400ft); 6/7 hrs

After having breakfast, you will descend to Ghunsa passing by Kambachen. The trail will be the same as before.

Day 20: Ghunsa to Amjilosa (2,308m/7,572ft); 5/6 hrs

The trail drops down to Phale and passes through numerous Manes, monasteries and juniper forests. Further, the trail descends and crossing a bridge over Chhundatangka Khola, you will reach Gyabla. Crossing another bridge over Sumbung Khola, you will arrive at Amjilosa.

Day 21: Amjilosa to Chirwa (1,270m/4,166ft); 6/7 hrs

Passing through a beautiful waterfall and settlement of Solima, you will cross a suspension bridge over Ghunsa Khola. The trail then takes you to another suspension bridge that you will cross over Ghunsa Khola and reach Sukathum. You will then trek through many villages and follow Tamor Nadi to reach Chirwa.

Day 22: Chirwa to Taplejung via Mitlung (921m/3020 m); 7/8 hrs

After having a warm breakfast, you will trek towards Mitlung. It is a beautiful village abundant in flora and greenery.

Day 23: Taplejung to Bhadrapur; 9 hrs

You will drive to Bhadrapur by bus. The drive will be long and scenic.

Day 24: Fly to Kathmandu

Today, you will fly back to Kathmandu. Upon reaching Kathmandu, you will head to the hotel. You can do whatever you want for the rest of the day. In the evening, you will have a farewell dinner organized by the company.

Day 25: Final departure

As per your flight departure time, you will get moved to the international airport for your flight back home.

What is Include ?

 Airport / Hotel / Airport pick up & drop by private tourist vehicle.

 Standard twin sharing accommodation in a three star hotel in Kathmandu; Breakfast included.

 All your standard Meals during the trek (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - one menu item) with a cup of tea/coffee per day.

 Lodges, Guesthouses accommodation during the trek.

 Licensed English speaking guide.

 The required number of local staff and porters to carry your luggage during the trek (We assign one porter for every two guests).

 Food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipment and medicine for all staff.

 All Necessary permits for trekking (Restricted area permit, Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Permit, TIMS Permit etc).

 Surface transfer from and to Kathmandu.

 Kathmandu - flight domestic.

 Farewell dinner in typical Nepali Restaurant on second last day.

 Trekking duffel bag.

 Trekking Map.

 All our government taxes, vat, tourist service charges.

 Rescue service arrangement only (covered by your travel insurance).

 Official expenses.

What is Exclude ?

 Air travel to/from Nepal.

 Lunch & dinner in Kathmandu.

 Soft/hard drinks, laundry, postage, telephone bills, all items of personal nature.

 Personal clothing, insurance against accidental, medical and emergency rescue evacuations.

 Respective expenses if one returns earlier from the trip due to sickness or emergency purpose.

 Sightseeing around Kathmandu valley.

 Travel Insurance.

 Emergency helicopter rescue evacuation arrangements will be covered by travel insurance.

● T-shirts and Pants (Innerwear)

● Thermal Wears

● Lightweight woolen jumper/sweater

● Down jacket or down vest

● Fleece or wool trousers

● Breathable Underwears

● Trekking Pants/Shoes/Socks

● Casual Sandals

● Insulating Jacket

● Rain jacket

● Gloves/Scarves

● Sleeping bag

● Trekking Pole

● Toiletries (sunscreen, Multipurpose Soap, Shampoo, Hand sanitizer, Toilet Paper, Sanitary pads, Lip guard, moisturizers, etc)

● Miscellaneous (Binoculars, eye mask, camera, extra batteries, journal, cards, bars, snacks, water purification tablets, etc)

● Documents (passport, visa, travel insurance, voucher, passport-sized photos)

Group Joining Trips

Depature DatePriceTrip Status

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Group Discount

PersonPrice ( USD $)

5 Paxes


10 Paxes


Package Review

Trip Duration :


Difficulty :


Max Altitude :


Meals :

Berakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Best Season :

Spring and Autumn

25 days / per person

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